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Customer Support

IT Global Project is dedicated to providing you with the best possible customer experience. We operate in an industry built on trust and guest satisfaction. This can only be achieved through communication and experienced support.

Website Architecture

An easy-to-navigate, logical page structure helps your users, and the search engines find what they are looking for. Our UX program provides insights on how your visitors interact with forms on your site.

Mobile Friendly

All of our websites are developed to look and perform beautifully on every device your users are viewing it from. Our team designs a draft of your website so you can begin to see your vision come to life.

Graphic Design

Our team designs a draft of your website so you can begin to see your vision come to life. Our designs are created with your customer in mind, meaning they are designed to help you grow your business.


The warranty period covers your website for 6 months from the final approval of your website during  testing phase. Any bugs that are brought to our team  attention during this period will be fixed without charge.

You Goals

Your website is unique. We gain an understanding of the goals your website is intended to accomplish. We discover your needs, brand and company identity, and then determine the right course of action.

Web Development

On It Global Project, we help our clients’ businesses succeed by designing beautiful and effective websites.

Our methodology encourages unique website design, a simple user experience and ultimately, a focus on call-to-action and conversion – because if your website doesn’t evoke a response, change an opinion or get a sale, then what’s the point?

Because we’re focused on building your Business, We can guarantee a better return for your website design investment.

WordPress Development

The easy-to-use, search engine friendly, flexible development platform is currently used on over 35% of all websites. WordPress provides a user friendly content management system (CMS), that allows you to easily make changes on the fly.

Since its inception in 2003, WordPress has grown significantly to become a global phenomenon. So, if you are looking to create a new WordPress website or want to switch from the old to the new one, then we at IT Global Project ensure to build something great, something beyond your expectations.

Custom Programming & Design

Custom web programing is web language programing that is specially developed for some specific organization or other user. As such, it can be contrasted with the use of web packages developed for the mass market, such as commercial CMS software (WordPress, Wix, Prestashop and many others), or existing free software.

Since custom web programing is developed for a single customer it can accommodate that customer’s particular preferences and expectations. Custom web programing may be developed in an iterative processes, allowing all nuances and possible hidden risks to be taken into account, including issues which were not mentioned in the original requirement specifications (which are, as a rule, never perfect).

Responsive Web Design

With over 50% of all web traffic coming from a mobile device, creating a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. It all starts with responsive web design.

Responsive web design allows your website to adapt to and provide an optimal experience on any device it’s being viewed from. This means that your website will look great and function flawlessly for a user on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Online Store – Ecommerce

We can produce e-commerce interfaces that drive sales and generate leads. Our sites are designed to maximise conversion, and are mobile responsive platforms that will

A flexible eCommerce platform, providing seamless integration with your website. An Online Store gives you the ability to sell online, 24/7 with a delightful customer experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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Web Graphic Design

Your brand brought to life. Our professional graphic designers have the creative capabilities to take your company’s personality and translate it to visual design.

With careful consideration of color schemes, typography, and essential design principles, our team will work with you every step of the way toward the creation of impressive and affordable graphics that you’ll be proud to have representing your brand.

SEO Optimization – SEO On Page

Search engines have increasingly placed more emphasis—and higher rankings—on websites that offer high-quality, user-friendly experiences. That means it’s essential for today’s businesses to have a solid digital foundation. That solid foundation starts with technical SEO.

At IT Global Project, we are focus on optimizing the online world, helping businesses large and small with their digital marketing efforts and search engine optimization services. We’ve seen players come and go, techniques succeed and fail, and mediums adapt and grow. We have an incredible depth of understanding and knowledge of how to make your business and your brand succeed.

You have an idea.

We have a professional team to get you there.

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